About ptMantra

ptMantra is a patient engagement platform designed for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) of physical activity.

  • Empower patients anywhere, with smartphone ease of use
  • Enhance visual aids, with rotatable 3D models
  • Ensure proper form and continued recovery, with streamlined review

Think of ptMantra as a better way to share information about movement.




Engage patients with

  • Rich representations of proper form
  • Timely reminders for scheduled exercises
  • Recognition of accomplishment



Capture performance of

  • Therapeutic exercises and stretches
  • Fully-automated standardized assessments
  • Provider activity for reimbursement



Analyze progress to

  • Evaluate effectiveness of care plan
  • Ensure continued improvement
  • Stratify patients based on risk


Markets – Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

No more paper packets

Patient engagement is a challenge. So we should make it as easy as possible for patients to adhere to their care plan.

Typically, therapists manage independently performed therapeutic exercise with paper packets.

Therapists give patients packets, expecting that they:

  • Won’t lose the packet
  • Will understand the assignment
  • Will perform the assignment with proper form
  • Will perform the assignment with proper frequency
  • Will remember feelings of pain and difficulty to report in next PT visit

Now, there is a better way.

ptMantra makes it easy for providers to assign and update patient care plans and for patients to understand and capture their assignments. Provider review of patient submissions not only gives insight into exercise form and recovery progress, but it also generates revenue via RTM reimbursement.

Markets – Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Monitor the complete care episode

Orthopedic surgery is a big deal for patients. Surgeons know that patients want their guidance throughout their recovery journey. And, with bundled payments, surgeons are financially responsible for the entire care episode, that excellent outcomes are achieved at reasonable cost.

As the old saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

ptMantra extends the relationship between patient and surgeon long after the operation. The surgeon can track progress with automated assessments, and can use this information to stratify patients based on risk, and triage care based on need.

Markets – Home Health Agency

Home Health Agency

Foster independence with structured exercise

Lower body strength is a modifyable risk factor for falling, which is a major concern for seniors living independently.

Physical activity can be a safe and effective way to improve strength. So, in between chopping vegetables and sharing stories, engage your members with exercises curated for their wellbeing. They are simple, safe, and effective. Not just that, but it’s a fun way to structure a day too!



  • Non-facility practice setting
  • Generic MAC Locality (0000000)
  • Medicare conversion factor ($33.2875)
  • Duration of care episodes: One month
  • Avg. monitoring time: Two minutes per day
RTM Calculator
access the size of this opportunity with:
  • additional monthly RVU potential
  • additional monthly revenue potential

CPT codes satisfied per patient:

  • 98975
  • 98977
  • 98980
  • 98981 (2x)
RTM Calculator
access the size of this opportunity with:
  • additional monthly RVU potential
  • additional monthly revenue potential

Roger is a Louisiana State University graduate with Physical Therapy licenses in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Michigan. A seasoned Physical Therapist turned entrepreneur, Roger is Co-Founder and Partner at Legacy Center Sports Complex, a 100-acre multi-sports facility in Brighton, MI since 2014. Co-Founder of Excel Rehabilitation Services, Michigan's largest private practice physical therapy brand for over 25 years, later sold to ATI Physical Therapy in 2015. Also, founded Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates in Louisville Kentucky. Roger has a passion for new enterprise and has invested in and guided several new business startups.

Roger Goble Co-CEO

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